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Citroen Tunisia launches Citroen Origins (, a new website dedicated to the brand heritage. It offers an unprecedented immersive experience into Citroen’s mythical models: seen at 360°, accompanied with specific sounds (engine, horn, etc.), brochures of the epoch, anecdotes, etc. All this is available on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Citroen has always marked its epoch with mythical, yet popular, models: from the A type to Traction Avant, from the 2HP to Ami 6, from the GS to XM, from Xsara Picasso to the New C3. This exceptional heritage is always fresh in people’s minds, and it is unprecedentedly revealed today on Citroen Origins:

Being authentically virtual, this museum suggests a discovery, or rather a rediscovery, of the emblematic Citroen cars from 1919 to nowadays: series-produced models as well as competition models, and even concept-cars. To embark on the ZX Rally Raid vehicle, listen to its unique 2 HP engine sound, or delve into the Mehari brochure are among the experiences to witness on Citroen Origins.

This immersion is made possible thanks to:

  • a virtual show-room: each model may be viewed at 360°, from both the interior and the exterior;
  • authentic noise signatures specific to each model: apart from the noise caused by starting the engine, up to 3 more noises are suggested for each model (horn, flashes, handbrake, suspension, etc.);
  • background music: each decade has its own music style (the 50s, 70s, 80s, etc.) for a better immersion, as real as it can be, in the world of each presented model,
  • brochure excerpts, photos and videos, anecdotes and other technical characteristics: all it takes to deepen one’s (re) discovery of each model!

All in all, the museum counts around fifty models already listed on Citroen Origins website. However, this number may rise during the coming weeks.