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Presented in Lyon, for the first time in June and becoming the star of the Paris Motor show, New Citroën C3 arrived on February 1st, 2017 at the Citroën-Tunisia points of sales. Innovative, punchy and colored, the new urban Citroën C3 blows a breath of fresh air in the motor world.

Full of character and perfectly tuned, she is distinguished by its unique morphology, uncompromising comfort, potential for customization, ConnectedCAM CitroënTM and everyday technologies ready for use.

Available in 3 finishes: Live, Feel and Shine, priced starting from 33 950 DT TTC, the new C3 fully proves its potential for customization through an attractive upgrade.

With a unique and audacious design, a fresh personality, connectivity, and trendy technologies, the new Citroën C3 shakes up all the sector’s standards and perfectly complies with the values of the Citroën brand.

The new C3 is OPTIMISTIC:

- Its unique morphology, high and charismatic front block, pure and smooth volumes endow it with such an attitude and a powerful and energetic posture.

- Its potential for customization offers everyone the luxury to have a car that best suits him/her.
It is available in 9 shades (Almond Green, Ice White, Cobalt Blue, Aluminum Gray, Shark Gray, Perla Nera Black, Orange Power, Ruby Red and Sand). Offering 3 different roof colors, the new C3 can score up to 36 exterior combinations. This bi-tone choice is accompanied by color reminders linked to the roof on the rear-view mirrors, Anti-fog covers and Airbump®.

The new C3 is HUMAN:

- An immediate well-being is felt at the sight of C3. The design of the new C3 was guided by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, starting from the design, up to the technology, the choice of colors and materials. The new C3 offers 4 indoor atmospheres starting from the Feel finish level:

• The series atmosphere emphasizes its clean design with a neutral dominance enhanced by yellow stitching .
• The Metropolitan Grey atmosphere highlights the interior with bright colors and warm fabric extending up to the dashboard for more coherence, inspired by furniture design.
• The Urban Red atmosphere rests mainly on the contrast between dark and bright colors, for a more dynamic interior. The dashboard band is sheathed. It incorporates red stitching and is also adorned with a red strapping over the entire board.
• The Hype Colorado interior plays the top-notch card using high-quality materials of a soft touch and a specific making. A two-tone steering wheel adds a final touch to this harmony.

-The comfort can visually be detectable thanks to the interior homogeneity, It can be further increased by the panoramic glass roof available upon request.

- The life on board is made easy thanks to the 7” touch pad that both hosts the car control panel and diverse clever storage areas.

The new C3 is SMART :

- A set of daily useful technologies are available, such as:

• The rear parking aid fitted as standard on the Shine finish.
• The Safety Pack, which includes the unintentional line-crossing alert, The Coffee break alert, and the speed panel recognition and recommendations, fitted as standard on the Shine finish.
• The Mirror Screen which allows the duplication of the smartphone screen on the central screen, (Compatible with Apple CarPlayTM, Android Auto and MirrorLink®) fitted as standard on the Feel finish.

The ConnectedCAM CitroënTM, available on the Shine finish, makes its world premiere appearance on the new C3. It allows to combine conviviality and peace of mind. This connected camera records what the drivers see outside the vehicle, facing them. Thus, it plays the role of the witness on board thanks to two main functions:

• With a single click, the driver can take a picture of what he sees and safely shares its content on social networks. The broadcast is directly accessible via the free application ConnectedCAM CitroënTM that allows him to retrieve and share photos and videos.
• In case of shock, recording is automatically activated and can record up to one minute thirty (30 seconds before / 1 minute after). This system can be useful during incidents and evidence constitution.

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