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Aures Auto

Company name :
Legal form : limited company
Establishment date : 07/01/1928
Capital : 7.000.000 DT
Business sector : Automotive


Founded in 2006, Aures Auto is the exclusive distributor of the French manufacturer “DS Automobiles” and its spare parts.

DS Automobiles, a French brand born in Paris, was initiated in March 2010 by Citroën with the DS 3. It is now recognized as a premium brand that embodies the French expertise and luxury and perpetuates the values of innovation inherited from the DS brand since 1955. Designed for customers looking for personalized expression, the DS brand range in Tunisia includes the DS 3, DS CABRIO 3, DS 4 and DS 5.

Highly admired for its original style, sensations and refinement, the DS Automobiles also stands out through its high end technology. This range proposes unique cars with outstanding style, refined details, noble materials and advanced technology. In 2013, DS Automobiles confirmed its success not only in Tunisia but also globally with 120,000 sales worldwide. To date, the brand totaled 500,000 sales since its launch.