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Gif Filter

Company name : Gif Filter
Legal form : limited company
Establishment date : 07/08/1980
Capital : 10,422,289 DT
Business sector : General Filters Industry

gif Since 1980, GIF Filter has been the favorite partner of demanding drivers.

Gif Filter offer its users filters with performance equivalent to that of original filters. It observes very strict quality standards in manufacturing filters, carefully selects the used materials and their origin and continuously improves its manufacturing processes. Through a full range of oil, fuel and air filters, GIF Filter products cover many and various areas of applications. Whether you own a light, heavy or agricultural vehicle, a construction or a handling machine, a compressors or a marine engine, Gif Filter has the product you need.

By integrating LOUKIL group in September 2013, Gif Filter enjoys the support and significant synergies with one of the most active groups of the Tunisian economy. It is this contribution that materializes today in the new expansion strategy adopted through new branches in addition to the continuous improvement of the quality system, the integration of new standards, the introduction of a new visual identity.