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Loukil Véhicules Industriels : LVI

Company name : Loukil Véhicules Industriels
Legal form : limited company
Establishment date : 31/08/2005
Capital : 7.000.000 DT
Business sector : Industrial Vehicles

renault LVI (Loukil Véhicules Industriels) is a company specialized in marketing and sales services for heavy load transport vehicles under the brand name RENAUT TRUCKS and the distribution of the forklifts under the brand name TCM.

LVI is now the official and exclusive dealer of Renault trucks and forklifts TCM and their spare parts in Tunisia. It has two branches one in Sousse and the other in Bizerte, and 43 dealers of spare parts, enough to satisfy the needs of customers on the Tunisian territory. After-sales service in compliance with international standards of Renault Trucks and highly trained staff fully meet the requirements of users of the truck.

Loukil Véhicules Industriels (LVI) is carried by the prestige of the reference brand Renault Trucks, which was marketed in Tunisia by Ennakl since 1965. EVI, which was created in 2007, is currently writing another page in its history since its acquisition by the Loukil Group in November 20th, 2014, officially changing its corporate name by Loukil Véhicules Industriels (LVI)